Access the Pulse from Home

The Pulse can be viewed on your computer at home using simply the built in Web Browser. No VPN Client required.

The service that makes this possible uses SSL encryption between your computer and the Pulse Web Server. This ensure that noone else on the internet can see the text and pages that you are looking at.

Instructions to Login to the Pulse from home:

1. Open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer)
2. Type the following URL into the address bar:
3. Click “Yes” when the security alert box appears

At the log in screen, enter your Novell (not GroupWise) username and password; click the login button
5. Under “shortcuts” click the “IWK Pulse” link
6. When the security information box appears, select “Yes”
7. Pulse should now open for you in a new window

Instructions to Logout of the Pulse when you are done:

1. If you have signed into Pulse (to post an item, etc), please sign out (upper right hand corner)
2. Close the Pulse window
3. Back on welcome page, click logout in upper right corner
4. Click the “close” button on the logout box that appears next (please note that this will close your web browser; you will need to close the browser and re-enter the URL noted above if you want to go back into Pulse)

Please note:

It is important that you close the Pulse window after each visit to the site. This ensures you are logged out of the session. If you have any questions or problems with this process, please contact the Provincial Help Desk at 902-470-6700

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